Project Description

Jo Smith is a Wellbeing Coach. She shares a simple, yet profound understanding of how the mind works which can have transformative results for people when they see insightfully how their experience of life is being created.

Jo’s coaching is grounded in innate wellbeing. She understands that everybody has psychological health at their core and that it never goes away, and regardless of how stuck people feel or how much they are suffering, there is always a way back to perfect mental health.

If there is something in your life that you are struggling with at the moment, from anxiety to addiction, or maybe you feel stuck and just need clarity on something so you can move forward, then get in touch.

She doesn’t offer strategies, but will point you in a new direction so you can insightfully see the answers for yourself.

Contact Jo directly for more information about her coaching sessions and prices.

“You’ve been the perfect medicine for her, just at the right time! She’s been going over what you’ve covered in your sessions and she’s starting to see her thoughts as bubbles and not taking them as solid fact. She has valued your time with her and has mentioned a few times that she felt good when she was seeing you. Thank you very much for your help!”


“Being coached by Jo has been really useful and I have been able to make significant changes as a direct result of the work I have done with her. Through the conversations we have had I have been able to identify what has been getting in my way (usually me) and to find ways of resolving issues and moving on with my plans.”