Project Description

A qualified Nutritional Therapist and Food Intolerance Testing practitioner, Annamarie can help with a whole range of issues from DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS, LACK OF ENERGY, SKIN CONDITIONS, HEADACHES, HORMONAL PROBLEMS, WEIGHT MANAGEMENT and much more.

Annamarie uses a natural approach to health to seek the root of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.  She will pin point any food & drink intolerances and also establish any vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

Annamarie helps clients to discover how to find a more appropriate diet to suit individual health needs, whilst still getting enjoyment from food.

Looking to solve a specific health issue?

Or to improve general health and well being?

Look no further!


My 8mth old son started experiencing bad eczema when I introduced solids. When I heard about the food intolerance tests I thought it was worth a go as I didn’t want to use the steroid creams from the doctors. Annamarie was very accommodating as my 8mth old is a very wriggly baby! As soon as I eliminated a couple of foods from his diet his skin improved dramatically. I have since taken my daughter for the food intolerance test as her eczema has worsened, so I look forward to seeing improvements in her skin, following Annamarie’s advice. I would definitely recommend having these tests if you want to understand the cause of the symptoms.


Annamarie helped me out with some food intolerance testing after I had some trouble with my skin. I had bad eczema as a child and it had started to return so I wanted to find the cause of the inflammation and nip it in the bud. I had been to the doctors who prescribed me steroid cream, but I knew that would only mask the problem and not solve it. The food intolerance test bought up a few new things I wasn’t expecting, and some things I kind of knew would be on there. I have taken much more care to stick to the results and my skin is much better. Annamarie also advised me on some great multi vitamin pills and some natural make it yourself remedies and moisturisers. For what it costs I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is unsure of the cause of an issue. I think it’s always far better to treat something naturally and this is a great start to doing so.”